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Welcome to our job market!

Thank you for your interest and for considering Asamer.

Our job exchange is available for your application process. You can view all of our open job positions or use the following search form to find jobs that suit your particular needs. Please apply to one of our concrete job offers in the Job exchange section by using the online form. Additionally, you have the possibility to send us a speculative application. Please use our online-form.

Our Application tips:
When posting your application, please be sure to check you haven't forgotten anything. This will allow us to process your application as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about our recruiting process, please contact us any time at: +43 (0)5 0799 2402

By filling out and submitting our application form you agree to give Asamer the rights to process and forward the information you have given related to your application for employment within the Asamer group.

Asamer Holding AG is committed to equal opportunities. Applications are encouraged from individuals regardless of disability, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age or religion.

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Rapid Search

Please choose one or more job groups for the rapid search.

e.g. executive assistant, accountant, clerk, billing clerk, financial controller, accounting manager, payroll accountant, sales clerk, purchasing clerk, etc.

e.g. operations manager, machine engineer, production manager, maintenance manager, laboratory technican, construction manager, electrical engineering technician, etc.








 IT - Information Technology

e.g., employee for PC/User service, software engineer, etc.

e.g. commercial or technical trainee (university graduates)

e.g. physics laboratory assistant, industrial business management assistants, etc.

 Summer Internship

e.g. summer internship commercial, technical, worker, general help, job experience, etc.






e.g. material tester, crane operator, machinist, trucker, etc.

 Hotel Business

e.g. well qualified restaurant staff, receptionist chef, etc.

Speculative application

Follow the link to speculative application form!

To perform a job search, you can choose a country where you would like to work within the category “location”.

Search for Location

Office country:

According to your search criteria you receive an overview of the available job offers within this category by clicking the search button.

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